25. August 2018

Hereby we cordially invite you to the seaside. 

Your bonfire here will be seen by your neighbours on the other side of the rainbow.
What is The Night of Ancient Bonfires?

Let us light bonfires together along the coastline of the Baltic Sea.

Come to the shore of the Baltic Sea which unites all of us. It is a link between our neighbours, fellow-countrymen and people from all around the Sea.
Now is the time to think about the significance of the Sea. The Sea must be well-kept and protected in order for own sake and for the sake of our descendants.

Let us come to the sea which our ancestors have kept so well.

Video call



Finland: Muinaistulien yö 
Denmark: Nat af fortidslys
Latvia: Senās uguns nakts
Sweden: Forneldarnas natt
Russia: Ночь древних огней
Lietuva:Senovinės ugnies naktis
Poland:Starożytne nocne światło
Estonia: Muinastulede öö (see the video...)
German: Die Nacht von Vorzeitlichen Lichtern

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